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Many think franchisees are for the benefits of original site/business owners. Unfortunately, they do not ground reality and have the right information at a logical level. The present blog gives the idea that what you will earn once you subscribe to the franchise of Muslim Rishtey Marriage Bureau.


Our reliance on online marriage bureau is increasing rapidly thanks to transformations taking place in our social structure and our lifestyles. Nuclear families are growing in numbers and busy lifestyle unable us to do intensive socialization or keeping social relationships intact.

It makes finding a right partner tough using the traditional methods. Now, we need elegant ways to run an intensive search for the desired life partner, albeit considering safety, security, privacy, and valid information like vital aspect during the search.

Online marriage bureaus or matrimonial sites used to rely on biodata uploaded by the aspirant candidates of both genders and some information collected by the office attendants during or after the uploading process. In most of the cases, the owners of matrimonial sites have not seen or met the candidates personally unless it is a premium member and invited for a face-to-face interview by the admin or another candidate of the opposite gender.

It is nearly impossible for an online marriage bureau site to open their branches in all cities in the vicinity of the main branch or where a big number of inquiries come. Moreover, metro cities or big towns have dense popularity and require sub-branches in the key areas. Financially and administratively it is tough to establish outlets in a large network.

In such a scenario, the concept of the franchise is the perfect solution for the matrimonial owner to welcome it and implement it in real zeal. Now, the question remains that what benefits the franchise owner can draw out of his/her investment and efforts.

Today, on behalf of the Muslim Rishtey  Matrimonial, I am going to explain the benefits of accepting and running a franchise with us.

Membership Types & Charges:

We offer four types of memberships with the following membership charges.

  1. Basic for 6 months– Rs.1500/-
  2. Basic for 12 months– Rs.2000/-
  3. Premium for 6 months– Rs.3000/-
  4. Premium for 12 months– Rs.4500/-

Minimum Expectations For Franchise

Now, with these basic clarifications, I am going to explain how many memberships you have to initiate per Months to fulfill our minimum needs and what would total income for the Muslim Rishtey and your franchise per month or annum.

Membership Charges

Number of Membership

Total Income

(In Rupees)

Franchise Income

(In Rupees)


14 – Candidates




8- Candidates




5- Candidates




4- Candidates








What You Will Earn With Muslim Rishtey Bureau

The table indicates that if you work hard and convince one candidate per day in your locality, you will earn Rs.42,000/- Per month easily. It is 70% of total income of Muslim Rishtey. 

I have observed that the presently running franchisees at Muslim Rishtey are earning far more income per month than projected estimation. It is because the market is exhibiting high demand of online Muslim Bureaus than ever before. If you have good social contact with a big circle, you might have more business with gradual increments.

Franchise Fee:  Rs.6000/ Per Year

We will provide Website Admin Panel, flyers and Posters.